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Filtration Sand

Raptor Filter Sand™

Formerly Colorado Silica

We've recently expanded our well and filtration product line. What was formerly known as "Colorado Silica Sand" is now Raptor Filter Sand.


Colorado Silica has held a legacy trademark in the industry for decades, and has been the status quo for filter sands due to its supreme quality and cleanliness. However, we have found the trademark name does not hold relevance as it once did for past owners and is often misunderstood and misinterpreted in today’s industry. 

Since acquiring the Brady, TX plant in April 2019, we've made substantial changes in operations to accommodate the well drilling and filtration industries. The capital improvements to the plant have created a cleaner and more consistent product, which is what the industry has grown to respect from sand and gravel suppliers. We have also invested in improvements to create added efficiencies which have dramatically increased capacities and decreased lead times for all of our products. 

We are excited to announce the Raptor Filter Sand series to our well and filter customers out of our Brady, TX and Bakersfield, CA locations. For further questions regarding Raptor Filter Sand, please reach out to the sales department. 

These weight and volume calculators will help determine the weight and volume of P.W. Gillibrand sand and gravel depending on your storage capacity and material needs.

For more advanced info on this product, please contact us.

Raptor Filter Sand Portfolio

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